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Brrrrrr..... It's cold in Chicago. I just want to snuggle with my foster family by the fireplace. When I'm not snuggling, I'm playing with my pittie foster brother. He is a lot of fun, but I still think I'd rather snuggle than play. Some say I'm shy, but I prefer the term sweet. If you are looking for a sweetie pie then I'm your gal.


Want a super mellow, super good looking beefcake? Then I am the dog for you. My name is Polo, and the only thing better then my good looks is my stunning personality. I get along with all types of animals. All in all, I am a pretty special guy.


Hi everyone! I'm Gibson. I'm soooooo cute. I'm roughly 4 months old, and ready to find my forever family. If you are looking for a fun, smart, brindle cutie.... I'm your guy.


My foster family calls me Honey Bear because of my coloring and I'm soooo sweet. I love dogs, people, and laps! Yes, I'm a lap dog. I'm great guy - and I have that southern charm. I will always be by your side, and never let you spend an evening alone again. I'm on the smaller side around 40 lbs, but I still need to gain about 5 pounds. (Shelter life was rough on me. Rather depressing. But that's all behind me.) If you would like to meet me, please fill out an application online. www.peaceforpitsrescue.org


AKA Smarty Pants

If you're looking for a constant companion I'm your gal! The name's Piper, and I want nothing more out of life than someone to play fetch with during the day and snuggle with at night. I get along with everyone I meet, as long as they love Pittie kisses! Not to gloat, but I'm really smart too. I know my basic commands and I'm very eager to learn more. I really want a family that will take me to training classes so I can show off my smarts (and good looks). 


I'm Diamond. I have a beautiful shinny coat, and gold eyes. A bunch of middle school kids named me, after raising money for my vetting and getting me lots of cool toys, and my collar.


AKA Big Baby

Nice to meet you, my name is Jack. The first thing you should know about me is that I have never met a stranger. I see all new creatures at potential BFF's and treat them that way. I would describe myself as a social butterfly. Since being in a foster home I have made many friends: dogs of all sizes, who love to romp and/or lounge around with me; cats, that let me sniff them (they smell strange); and people, they're my favorite, they usually have yummy treats. If you're looking for a super friendly guy to hang around with, look no further!


Hi everyone, my name is Gina and I'm just as happy as can be! I love everyone I meet, especially the four legged bullies like me. I'm a good size young Pitbull mix that is slightly under 60 lbs. After I had my puppies, my previous owner decided he didn't want me anymore but luckily, my foster mom came to pick me up in a snow storm when I had nowhere to call home. I would be the happiest if I could be part of a family... maybe with another canine sibling? I can be a little shy at first, but once you get to know me, I love cuddling in your lap for some belly rubs. I'm just a mellow girl and I know my meant-to-be people are out there and I can't wait to meet them!


Hi, I'm Louie! Look into my big brow eyes.... You're getting very sleepy.....

Just kidding. But seriously, look into my eyes, but don't let them fool you. Some say my eyes look sad, but I am a happy go lucky guy. I love to play with my foster sisters and cuddle with my foster mom. I'm looking for a home that loves walks, treats, cuddle time, and giving belly rubs. Maybe it's you?


"We like Ike! We like Ike!" That is what everyone cheers after meeting me. I am what the people in the rescue industry call - Awesome, Super Chill, Amazing. The list goes on. I would love to find a family that will give me tons of love. I will gladly return that love ten fold.


Don't let my pictures fool you, I am on muscular dog. My foster dad nicknamed me "Ah-nold," but my official name is Chance. I am not all brawn and no brain, however. I have already learned sit, down and paw in one week. Truth be told, I'm pretty lazy. Just give me a dog bed and a marrow bone and you won't even know I'm there. Would you like to take a Chance on me?


My name is Sophie, but sometimes my foster parents call me Bunny because I'm so cute and my fur is really soft. I'm a pup that knows a few things, like how to sit, stay, lie down, and shake. I'm crate trained, too! I love dogs, cats and people. Sometimes I get a little too excited to meet other dogs when I'm walking on my leash, but I'm working on controlling my enthusiasm. My kisses, tail wags and big ears will make your day, so can I be a part of your family?


I know sit, paw, down... I'm crate trained, and loving towards dogs and people. I'm what you would call the sweetest thing ever! My foster family is taking good care of me, while I wait for my happy ever after family.


My name is Cookie. mmmmm....Cookies. I love cookies, aka training treats, and will sit, down, and wait for them. My fosters parents found me at CACC, and saved me from life in a shelter. I love being a part of a family with two dogs, and great people. Are you looking for a shy playmate for your dogs, or just a cookie monster to hang with? If so, I'm your gal.


The cutest mug in the world!!! That's what everyone says when they see me. They squeal with delight... I am that cute. I'm new to the rescue, but so far I'm doing well with other dogs and although I'm shy when I first meet people... I warm up quickly and want to be a lap dog. If you are looking for a best friend, I'm your girl. I will be there for you through thick and thin.


Meet Henry! A young, playful, fun brindle pit mix. He is working on his manners, and loves to snuggle, explore, and learn! puzzles, games, training with treats...these are his favorite things.


Hi everyone! I'm Busta. Peace for Pits fell in love with my smiles and wiggles in the shelter, and so came down to meet me. I was found as a stray, and had heart worms, but I'm recovering nicely and learning the ropes of the family dog thing. It's wonderful to be treated well, and loved. I am trying to give back double what is given to me. Starting with a wiggle, wag and kiss for everyone I meet. Please fill out an application to meet me.


I'm Dozer, and let's be honest, I am adorable. Look real close and you will see, you won't find another puppy quite like me. (That's right, I dabble in rap.) I'm not quite 4 months old yet, so I am still a little wet behind the ears as they say, but I do know that every person that has gotten the pleasure to meet me has giggled like a school girl at a Justin Beiber concert. Plain and simple, I'm kind of a big deal. Fill out an application to adopt me. If you snooze you will most likely lose.


Hey, I'm Silverfish. I'm a young, tiny pocket pittie. I am adjusting to my foster home with two dogs and two kids -- but so far so good -- I'm a quite the family guy. I was busted out of the shelter, and I have not stopped kissing people since .... Can i kiss you? If so, fill out an app online at www.peaceforpitsrescue.org


AKA The Running Buddy

My name is Crash. I am right around a year old, so I am not the most mellow of dogs. Don't get me wrong, when my foster family wants to watch TV, I just curl up and join them. But when they go on a four mile run with me, my frst thought afterward is 'why not five miles?' I am very athletic and would love to attend agility classes one day. I also love dogs, so if you need a playmate for your current pup to wear him out, then you can't find a better dog than me.


Hi everyone! I'm Aja. I'm a happy, laid back (but I don't mind playing with my furry siblings) pit/lab mix. When they say someone is easy going, they are talking about me. I love chilling in my dog bed, hanging with cats and dogs, or just laying by my family's feet. If you want a girl, who is easy peasy to have in the home then fill out an application to meet me!


My foster mom found me running the streets and lured me into her car with a doughnut, hence, my name.... Munchkin. I had wounds on my face and was underweight. It took me awhile to heal, gain weight and get used to living this fancy life in a nice home with other dogs, toys, and lots of cuddles. Also I'm in training (treats are my favorite thing so I'm really eager to learn, as I love the reward) and I'd say I'm an A+ student! I know I look serious, but I'm a pocket pittie with soulful eyes and a fun, happy spirit. Take a chance on me and meet me.


My name is Sasha. I'm about 4 months old, and I love to play with my foster siblings. They are so much fun to run around with and play tug of war. My foster family has been really good to me - lots of treats, love, and cuddling. If you would like to meet me, please fill out an app!


Hey everyone! The shelter labeled me as a corgi/pit mix, but I'm not sure what I'm mixed with. I just know I'm tiny and adorable, and  glad I found rescue with Peace for Pits. I'm under 40 pounds, good with dogs, cats, and kids. I think life is just beautiful, and I'm looking for someone to share my life with. And if you ever need an ear, I'm always here to listen. And if you need a foot warmer this winter, I'm good at that too.


Hi, I'm Paris. I'm a loving, sweet girl who snuggles, plays with toys, and just loves being in a warm, kind foster home. If you are ready to make me your forever girl, fill out an application to meet me.


My name is Ivy, but I might as well be named Heartbreaker, because everyone that has met me as been upset that I can't go home with them. Sugar and spice and everything nice is what I am made of. Love me some canine friends, and I love people even more. I like to consider myself pretty low maintenance. If you go for a couple walks a day, I would love to be your walking buddy.


Hi everyone! I'm Ellie. My foster family named me after the movie "Up." I think it's a pretty name for a pretty girl. I love being with people and other dogs. I will fit right in with your family, so come on... and fill out an app to meet me!

Mama Honey

The first few years of my life have not been that great, but things are looking up for me now. My name is Mama (obvious reason) and I am really digging this "foster" home life. Anytime someone calls my name, I shake my tail like a polaroid picture. I love people, but I do also love my toys a tad too much at the moment. They say it's just because I've never had nice things before. All I need is a little love and guidance and I will be the best dog you have ever had. I promise.


Hi! I'm Brady! I live with other dogs and cats in my foster home, and haven't met a dog or cat that doesn't make me wiggle with happiness. My foster mom has a kid, and I really like her too. I'm a great family guy who is looking for a family.


Looking for a large dog with an enormous heart? Then check me out. I'm Popeye, and I am looking for my forever home. I do take up a lot more of the couch than most dogs, but that means there is more of me to love. I get along with dogs of all sizes and couldn't care less about cats. I'm pretty easy to please, and also pretty eager to please as well. I think you and I should meet for drinks and talk about this more.